Media planning

Cross-media or single channel

We support you in planning and implementing your direct marketing campaigns. It does not matter for us whether you are advertising cross-media via several channels or fully rely e.g. on addressed direct mailings. We submit individual proposals based on your individual requirements and budget.

Addressed mailings
Although the different online media are growing at a breath-taking pace, the fully addressed direct mailing is still considered as the direct marketing medium into which companies invest a high share of their budgets. According to the “Dialog Marketing Monitor 2018” of Deutsche Post AG German companies invested 6.5 billion Euros in this channel in the year 2017 - plus 4.1% compared to the previous year.


Addressed mailings still represent a main area of our activity for numerous clients.


Advantages: Huge potentials and good market coverage, numerous selections, personal addressing and direct measurability of results.

In Germany alone we have access to around 1,500 consumer lists and 350 business lists to find the most suitable recipients for your offer.


Semi-addressed and unaddressed mailings
Should you not require extremely fine selections, semi-addressed (in Germany “Postwurfspezial”) or unaddressed (“Postwurf” / door drops) mailings are available as a cost-effective option.